USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

That first cup of coffee in the morning is a great relief — but it often goes cold before we get a chance to finish, because frankly, we’re too busy to just stare at the computer and drink. With the USB Cup Warmer ($10), we don’t have to make this sacrifice anymore. With a 176 degree maximum temperature and a light 5 oz. weight, it can keep your Starbucks nice and warm — even if you’re at Starbucks.

  • Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock

    While we try to keep a pretty normal weekday schedule, we sure hate it when we accidentally reset our 8 AM alarm on Friday morning, only to have it interrupt slumber Saturday morning after a night of drinking. With a little help from this clock, we may never have that problem again. The Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock from ThinkGeek ($35) keeps a separate alarm for each day of the week, so you can make sure you aren’t bothered on the weekends. Oh, and it also features a nap timer, customizable snooze times, and an AM/FM radio. [via Engadget]

  • Sony DVDirect Recorder

    Have a mountain of VHS tapes, but no patience to edit through them on your computer? The DVDirect DVD Recorder from Sony ($280) can record your collection to DVD straight from your VCR — and it can do the same from your camcorder or your computer. Now that copy of “Debbie Does Dallas” you have stashed away can finally be put to use again.

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