UtiliTILE: Forked Up

UtiliTILE: Forked Up

Cheeky name aside, the UtiliTILE: Forked Up ($300) is a fun, functional addition to any kitchen. Part of the larger UtiliTILE: Dining series of lacquered wall tiles, Forked Up provides storage for your silverware, while making it look as if you've been practicing your knife-throwing skills. Magnets make sure everything stays in its place, and for those living in smaller homes, it's sure to open up some valuable drawer space.

  • Cocktail Shake-O-Matic

    Tired of overly-aggressive guest bartenders splashing your martinis all over the kitchen? Check out the Cocktail Shake-O-Matic ($55). This simple device combines retro looks with modern technology to automatically shake your drinks (up to 16 oz. at a time) for the perfect mix. A cool blue light provides ambiance while the shaker is doing its thing, acting like a beacon for all your thirsty houseguests.

  • Kohler Karbon Faucet

    We've featured plenty of über-cool faucets on Uncrate, but never one like this. The new Kohler Karbon Faucet ($TBA) features three iMac G4-style articulating joints and carbon fiber composite tubing to allow you to position the sprayhead right where it's needed, leaving your hands free to work on the task at hand. Of course, it also boasts great looks, and is sure to become a focal point of your modern kitchen. [via]

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