UV Sriracha Vodka

After a long night of drinking, it's hard to top a great Bloody Mary the next day to help balance things out. UV Sriracha Vodka might be the most unique Bloody Mary ingredient on the market, combining all the things you love about Sriracha with a classic cocktail. It's peppery, savory and of course spicy. But don't worry, it won't set your mouth ablaze — but instead provides a remarkable balance for Bloody Marys or any cocktail in need of a little kick.

  • Stoli Hot Vodka

    Don't confuse hot vodka for warm vodka — that's just gross. Instead, Stoli Hot Vodka ($TBA) is designed to trump normal pepper vodka by bringing some actual mouth-heat, thanks to the spicy jalapeño flavor that arrives on the tails of a hint of smoke. Now when you order your bloody mary "spicy as hell", the barkeep will actually have something worthwhile to mix with the tall glass of Sriracha he's making for you.

  • Industry City Distillery No.2 Vodka

    Add another NYC-based distillery to the ever-growing list. Industry City Distillery No.2 Vodka ($21) is the first spirit from Industry City Distillery, a new City Foundry venture located in Brooklyn's old Bush Terminal. Fermented using beet sugar yeasts, this unique drink is run through a steam powered stripping still before entering a high separation fractional distillation column that offers an unheard of level of control over the final composition, which should have you scrambling to create new recipes to take advantage of the unusual flavor. [Scouted by Rich]

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