Vertical House

Surrounded by exotic plants, the Vertical House is a modern oasis in the middle of Dallas. The structure rises 60-feet tall, flanked by a pair of screened walls that provide both shade and privacy. In contrast to the opaque front facade, the rear is encased by walls of glass offering views of the lush tropical garden on every level. The interior pallet consists of white walls and polished concrete floors with a Carrara marble accent wall running the height of the home. A glass enclosed stairway connects all three stories, leading to a rooftop terrace sitting above the trees to afford rare views of the city's skyline.

Photos: Miró Rivera Architects

  • Solo House II

    Perched on the edge of a plateau in the forest of Matarraña, Spain, the Solo House II is meant to highlight its surroundings, not to distract from. Its circular form rides the edge of its elevated plot, creating a courtyard in its center. A glass facade allows for panoramic views of the rustic landscape while sliding mesh curtains act as both a private barrier as well as an access point to the exterior. Due to its rural setting, the house is completely self-sustaining, operating off of photovoltaic panels and a water collection and purification system.

    Photos: Bas Princen / Office KGDVS

  • Cape Town Tree House

    Nestled in a forest of eucalyptus and oak trees, the Cape Town Tree House is influenced by its surrounding landscape. The structure is made of four steel "trunks" connected by a central square. Like the surrounding trees, the interior flows in a vertical manner, with the main living area on the first floor, a bedroom on the second, and a roof deck above. Each cylinder helps to further define the space among levels while also creating views with their glazed facade. A palette of steel and western red cedar dominate the interior and exterior, both left untreated to naturally blend into its surroundings over time.

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