Villa Meijendel

Inspired by the sandy, woodsy parcel on which it sits, Villa Meijendel takes advantage of its location with a multi-level, partially sunk floorplan. You enter the home on the middle level, home to an office and two bedrooms. Above it lie the open kitchen and living spaces, while the bottom floor holds the master bedroom, as well as a garage and technical room buried in the sand. The main unpolished concrete structure dictates the flow between floors with gentle slopes, while the steel, wood and anodized aluminum are similarly left raw. The exterior is coated in burned wood, broken up only by the sizable windows that provide views to the dune valley beyond.

Photos: Christian van der Kooy / VVKH Architecten

  • Arthur's Cave Cabin

    Inspired by the cave in which King Arthur and his knights sought refuge, Arthur's Cave Cabin isn't a cave at all. Instead it's a contest-winning pop-up accommodation designed to celebrate the Welsh landscape. It's clad in locally-sourced slate cutoffs that cover layers of CNC-cut plywood sandwich panels. Inside, a series of birch-face plywood ribs mimics the curves of a real cave, while sheep wool stuffed in between provides insulation, a fireplace provides warmth, and the glass front provides views of the countryside.

    Photos: Miller Kendrick Architects

  • Morissen House

    Traditional mountain cabins are generally fitted with the rustic hues of timber, but the Morissen House uses an unconventional material to clothe its interior. Lined with exposed concrete walls and ceilings paired with a polished concrete floor, the grey complexion gives the home a unfamiliar warmth, contrasted only by the ebony accents in the trim and kitchen. Full-height glazed panels let in natural light and showcase the alpine setting, while slats of lattice gives a sense of privacy to the upper level. Externally, the black cladding offsets its Swiss landscape, allowing the minimal design to emerge from the blankets of snow.

    Photos: Hurst Song Architekten

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