VMS House

Built to accentuate its unusual triangular plot, the VMS House takes advantage of its layout to provide natural light throughout the day. The home's two bedrooms sit off one side to better capture the morning sunlight, while the open kitchen, living, and dining areas receive evening light through their large windows. Above the latter lies a library, reached via a cantilevered staircase made from rusted steel. Structural steel protrudes through the building's facade, providing an interesting contrast with the rough granite that clads the exterior of the ground floor.

Photos: Antonio Vazquez / Marcos Miguélez

  • Venice House

    Given the liberatingly simple directive of "don't f*ck it up", the team behind the Venice House created a monolithic, yet inviting, home. The vaulted, wood-lined kitchen serves as the heart of the house, connecting the front yard with the back and blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, the stairway is tucked away on the side, giving access to the upstairs and its three bedrooms, while the downstairs holds the aforementioned kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as multiple outdoor patios, an outdoor cooking area, and a pool with pool house.

    Photos: Noah Walker / Walker Workshop

  • Rocksplit House

    Overlooking the valley of Poisses on the Greek island of Kea, the Rocksplit House uses local materials and traditional building methods to marry with its mountainous landscape. The home is comprised of three volumes, all clad in a native stone. Each one is split up by function — a main living area, sleeping quarters, and a circulation tower. The interior maintains the exterior's neutral affair with white washed wood, gray stone, and pale stucco. Covered verandas flank the central structure, acting as a refuge from the harsh Mediterranean climate while taking in the seaside views.

    Photos: Dimitris Kleanthis / Comet Architects

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