Watermill House

Located in a small village in The Hamptons, the Watermill House is a renovated and expanded traditional cottage. The extension is clad similarly to the existing building, yet strikes a far more bold impression, with a dramatic vaulted ceiling and generous glazing. It houses a new living area, dining area, and kitchen, which were removed from the cottage to make room for a family room, home office, and guest suite. Notably, the extension also created a new main entrance for the home and reoriented the entire structure to the garden, swimming pool, and the neighboring farm.

Photos: Paul Warchol / Desai Chia Architecture

  • Infinity House

    Perched atop a hill in northern Norway, the Infinity House uses a series of large apertures in its rectangular concrete form to maximize its views of the surrounding mountains and the Norwegian Sea. The interior of the superstructure is primarily open, with the living room, kitchen, and bedroom by an oversized bookcase on one end and a black box containing the bathroom on the other. Inside the box, there's a hidden staircase that leads up to the 21m infinity pool that makes up the roof, with a resting bath on one side, and a swimming land overlooking the water on the other. A restrained interior palette allows the colors of the outdoors to shine.

    Photos: Vladimir Konovalov

  • Qiyunshan Tree House Hotel

    Located at the end of a windy drive in China's Anhui Province, the Qiyunshan Tree House Hotel uses a series of stacked boxes to offer 360-degree views of the surrounding forest. A total of 120 square meters of space is split between eight levels, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entrance hall, a living room, a viewing area, and a rooftop deck all linked by a central spiral staircase. Stark white walls and wooden plank floors keep the focus on the views, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows found at the end of each separate volume.

    Photos: Chen Hao / Bengo Studio

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