Whirlpool In.Kitchen

Whirlpool In.Kitchen

We don't normally feature products that you can't immediately buy, but Whirlpool's new all-in-one concept kitchens look to be so innovative that we just had to share. The company's industrial design team studied all aspects of how people used kitchens and then rethought the 1960s era built-in kitchens to create four ultra-modern prefab prototypes. The Transformer-like In.Kitchens are mostly white and silver (hey, you can't go wrong with the iPod look) and offer features such as integrated, futuristic appliances, drop-down counters, and other hide-away goodies. And the future is nearly here. Whirlpool said the concepts are "not distant product hopes: they are glimpses of possible domestic experiences that could be achieved in the near future through well orchestrated partnerships."

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