Winnifred Beach Sport Utility Bathrobe

Wait a second... sport utility bathrobe? Yup, that's what you call the Winnifred Beach Sport Utility Bathrobe ($300). Combining the comfort of a traditional bathrobe with the utility of a field jacket, this SUB features plush cotton-terry lining, a cotton twill exterior, two large side cargo pockets — perfect for one iPad (or two if you're ambitious) — two chest pockets, two utility pockets, and epaulettes for that extra bit of military flair. Finally, you'll have an actual excuse for hanging out in a robe all day.

  • Hwoarang Hanger

    Standard clothes hangers are great... for normal clothes. But what do you do when you need to hang accessories like belts, ties, and scarves that don't necessarily play well with the hangers in your closet? Put them on a Hwoarang Hanger (£8; roughly $13). Made from bent 1.5mm birch plywood, these strangely attractive hangers feature wide, oversized areas to the left and right that work perfectly for holding items that need to wrap around the hanger while still laying flat. [via]

  • Leather Touchscreen Gloves

    Maintaining the ability to use your phone doesn't mean losing the ability to look fashionable. These Leather Touchscreen Gloves (€130; roughly $170) offer the best of both worlds. Made from fine Ethiopian lambskin that's treated for wind and water resistance, they feature nanotechnology integrated into the leather to make them touchscreen compatible, as well as a leather strap on the heel to tighten them around your wrist and the ability to use all five fingers instead of just a couple. Hello, iPad multitouch gestures, goodbye cold hands.

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