Wood Shock Watches

Wood Shock Watches

We've got an acquaintance that has a massive collection of G-Shock watches -- clear plastic, diamond-covered, you name it, he has it. Except for these. Wood Shock Watches ($250) are normal G-Shock watches, featuring hand- and laser-crafted wooden bezels. Available in black or red, they offer all the features you'd expect from a G-Shock, including an auto-calendar function, EL backlight, 12/24-hour formats a multi-functional alarm, stopwatch, and 15 second/month accuracy. Notably missing is the typical water resistance, which we assume went out the window with the oft-unmentioned fire resistance when the normal bezel was replaced with wood. [via]

  • Happy Hour Watch

    Does your life revolve around where to go for drinks immediately after you get off work? Well, you could probably stand to find yourself a hobby, and you'll more than likely enjoy the Happy Hour Watch ($50). Featuring a Japanese quartz movement for the analog face that sports only one hour marker — we'll let you guess which one — a digital time and date readout, an alloy case, and a wide black band, the real draw of this timepiece is the patented Happy Hour bottle-opening buckle, which lets you commence drinking before you even arrive at your preferred post-work watering hole, saving you a few extra bucks that you can put towards your inevitable future stay in an alcohol treatment program.

  • Boccia Titanium Watch

    Simple without being dull, the Boccia Titanium Watch ($145) is a nice blend of traditional and sport watches. This straight-forward timepiece offers a black dial with large, white numbers and a black, solid titanium body, matched with a black rubber strap for a stealthy look. A date feature and Japanese Quartz movement round out the package.

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