From William Hall, the author of Concrete and Brick, comes the aptly titled Wood, a look at the world's most celebrated timber architecture. Featuring 170 structures from the last 1,000 years, Wood is organized into themes like Texture, Light, and Juxtaposition. The latter of which is arranged to promote comparison and discussion, taking readers on a global tour of different projects — like an onion-domed Russian church that sits next to a fortified Japanese castle. Each project is highlighted with outstanding photography and an extended caption for commentary about each structure. Hall provides an original look at one of the most versatile and storied building materials on earth.

  • Recipes From The Woods

    You don't need to be a hunter to appreciate the food you can find in the wild. It doesn't hurt, though. Penned by French chef and writer Jean-François Mallet, Recipes from the Woods: The Book of Game and Forage is a cookbook ode to eating whatever nature gives you. Its 100 recipes are organized by food type, including sections for furred game, feathered game, herbs, snails, and nuts and berries. Whether you're wanting to expand your culinary world beyond what you find at the store or preparing to fend for yourself in a worst-case scenario, it's worthwhile reading.

  • Where Bartenders Drink

    Nobody knows a great drink like a bartender. So where do they go for a drink when they aren't on the clock? Where Bartenders Drink helps unlock those secrets, with 300 expert barkeeps sharing their favorite watering holes. The book features 750 locations across 60 countries with venues ranging from legendary hotel bars to hole-in-the-wall spots that only locals know about. The recommendations include some excellent reviews, specially commissioned maps, and an easy-to-navigate geographical organization. A must-have for discerning travelers looking to drink at the best bars in the world.

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