Woolly Pocket

Spring is on its way, so what better time to start livening up your living space with some actual living things? The Woolly Pocket ($27) is a stylish wall planter that makes it quick and easy to add real plants to any semi-sunny spot in your home. Made from BPA-free recycled plastic, the planter features a self-watering 1.5L reservoir with easy access watering holes that attaches directly to the wall. Once it's in place, you can plant your plant your planter in the patented vented shell and hang it on the reservoir — making it nearly impossible to kill your plant as long as you remember to water regularly.

  • Archer Air Superiority

    Forget the Febreze — if you're looking to add an air of manliness to your surroundings, bust out a can of Archer Air Superiority ($14). It comes in three sufficiently masculine scents — distillery, which offers notes of charred oak, bourbon, and sour mash, hunting lodge, with scents of stone, gun powder, and timber, and european sports car, which smells of leather, aftershave, and horsepower. Expelled from its stylishly simple can using an eco-friendly nitrogen-based propellant, its the perfect antidote for your average fresh/floral room spray.

  • Keybrid Carabiner Key

    Need to hook your house key to something other than a keyring? Grab yourself a Keybrid Carabiner Key ($TBA). This unique item is completely functional, letting you clip it onto shoelaces, belt loops, and a whole host of other loop-like stuff, in addition to keychains and keyrings. Arrives blank, so plan on making a trip to the hardware store before use.

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