Xbox 360

Xbox 360

As pretty serious gamers, we are really looking forward to all the next-generation consoles, but up until now we didn’t have a release date for any of them. The Xbox 360 ($400; available Nov. 22) features wireless controllers, an “all games in HD” guarantee, a huge bonus for those of us out there with HDTVs, astounding graphical capabilities, a 20 GB hard drive, three 3.2 GHz processors, well, you get the idea — this thing is going to kick some major ass.

  • Sony PSP

    We love to play games, and as the holidays approach, we keep having fewer reasons to hold out on buying a Sony PSP ($250) (yeah, we know it's been out since March — but we weren't around then). More intriguing games are approaching their release date, it's got a built-in web browser, it plays video, MP3 and AAC music files, and shows off pictures like a champ. And if you're planning on picking up a PS3, we're pretty sure you're going to want a PSP to use with it.

  • Megatouch Gametime

    Most of us have at one point or another been to a bar and played the touchscreen video games. Now you can bring them home with the Megatouch Gametime ($3795). The machine features a 15" LCD touch screen, over 80 games, and broadband connectivity so you can join all the drunkards still pumping money into the coin-ops and whip up on their candy asses.

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