Zephyr Shade Range Hood

Zephyr Shade Range Hood

This elegant Range Hood from Zephyr ($TBA) uses directional halogen lights to diffuse light through its front cover for a soft ambient glow in your kitchen. The lights are also used to illuminate the cooking surface so you'll never make the mistake of adding too much seasoning to the slop you cook.

  • Kenmore Water Purifier

    In hopes of saving our wallets from our addiction to Evian and Voss, we’ve been looking for a good water filtration/purification system for a while now. By all accounts, this Kenmore Water Purifier ($140) fits the bill. It uses distillation to remove 99% of total dissolved solids, including yucky stuff like lead, arsenic, Chromium VI, MTBE, VOCs, nitrates, sodium, Cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses.

  • Crock-Pot Indoor Barbeque Pit

    As winter approaches, some of the best things from summer go away, such as ladies in skirts and lemonade stands. Now you can hold on to at least one of them — real barbecue. Designed for slow-cooking, the Crock-Pot indoor Barbecue Pit ($120) lets you cook authentic BBQ indoors anytime of the year. With features like a domed lid, a dishwasher-safe stoneware pan, and a cooking rack that can hold up to three racks of ribs, you can keep tailgating in your kitchen all year-round. [Thanks, Ted]

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