Big is an awesome movie. We'd take Tom Hanks in Big than Tom Hanks in Forest Gump, Cast Away, or Saving Private Ryan any day. And if you're a fan of Big too, then you no doubt recognize Zoltar ($9,000). The classic animatronic fortune teller lives in an oak cabinet that stands at 6 1/2' tall, and senses your presence and invites you to approach him. After you insert a quarter, Zoltar checks his crystal ball and provides one of 16 different spoken fortunes and dispenses one of 23 different printed fortunes on a paper card. Just be careful what you wish for.

  • PodBrix 1984 Playset

    Being the Mac fans that we are, we've been patiently waiting for PodBrix to release another Apple-inspired Lego creation. The PodBrix 1984 Playset ($200; Aug. 2) is the artist's latest and most ambitious set yet. Inspired by the classic "1984" Super Bowl ad that introduced the Macintosh, the set contains 15 figures in all, including a detailed "runner" figure, 2 riot police figures, and 12 audience members. It also features an LED backlit movie screen displaying a "Big Brother" figure. If you think this is as sweet as we do, get ready to pony-up the cash tomorrow — there's only 100 available. [via]

  • 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box

    Inspired by the ever-nostalgic Jason Kottke, we bring you an original 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box ($110). We remember our pre-teen years begging mom for two bucks and a ride down to the local baseball card shop so we could sift through a box of these for one measly pack, only to wind up Griffey-less yet again. Now that you're an adult with a job and actual money, why not treat yourself to an entire box of the most sought after baseball cards from back in day? You get 36 unopened packs with 15 cards each. Score!

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