Zombie Tools

Zombie Tools

You know how much we love our zombies here at Uncrate, but when the time comes to defend ourselves against a large-scale outbreak, we'll be ready — thanks to Zombie Tools ($250-$375). These gorgeous, specially-designed weapons are cut from 5160 spring steel, and then hardened, tempered, and sharpened for maximum zombie destruction. Be prepared.

  • RedScale Film

    Finally, an easy way to do red scale shooting on an analog camera. Lomography's new RedScale Film ($15/3-pack) takes the guesswork out of this old photographic technique — where shooters would load their film backwards to shoot through the semi-transparent protective layer on the back of 35mm color negative film — by spooling the film in reverse. The result? Pictures with a smooth, funky, and gorgeous red-orange cast, which can be processed at the local drug store. Film camera, you've got some life left in you yet. [via]

  • EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

    Why let the black ops division have all the fun? Now you can have your own pair of cyborg-looking glasses with EyeClops Night Vision Goggles ($90). The specs use IR technology for monocular night vision, feature both green and b/w modes, and offer two sensitivity levels, one for close proximity work, and the other for full-power mode, letting you see up to 50 feet away. Silence of the Lambs re-enactment night just got a lot more interesting.

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