Soto Pocket Torch

Anyone who's ever played around with a cheap, translucent, disposable lighter knows that you can crank the thing up to deliver ridiculously large flames by simply removing the metal cap and going to town on the adjustment dial. The Soto Pocket Torch takes this idea to a whole new level, transforming the cheap fire sources into a full-on, wind-resistant mini-blowtorch capable of reaching temperatures of up to 2,300ºF. Just drop the lighter in, attach the top, and go.

  • Tusa Evo Sea Scooter

    Those looking to explore the far reaches of the sea need something more than just flippers to get them around — they need something like the Tusa Evo Sea Scooter. This powerful underwater chariot boasts a maximum speed of 2.6 mph and a maximum depth of 230 feet, while offering precise changes in speed thanks to rotational speed adjustment. Other features include a 3-speed propeller with pitch and angle adjustment, an LED battery life indicator, and saddle wings that let you pull up to three divers with a single scooter.

  • Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

    When you buy handmade gear, there's shopping local, and then there's shopping localOctovo x Tilley Surfboards fall squarely into the latter camp. Individually crafted by hand in his Port Orford, Oregon shop from locally-sourced Cedar native to the region, these boards are made with rugged pacific coasts and cold water in mind. With five designs in total, the surfboards feature original graphics and paint schemes to set them apart from every other board out there. And each one comes with a custom carrying bag complete with shock-resistant padding, waterproof materials, leather covers and handles, titanium hardware, and padded shoulder straps.

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