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American Express Gold Butterfly Card

American Express Gold Butterfly Card

Credit cards are a necessary evil of life these days, so if you're going to carry one, you might as well make it as stylish as possible. The new American Express Gold Butterfly Card (free with Gold Card membership) is a companion card to your current Gold Card that folds into a tiny case with a clip on the back. The Butterfly card will have a different number than the Gold Card account it's linked to, but all the charges end up on the linked account — the Butterfly has a unique number so that you can more easily track purchases made with it. If you have an American Express Gold Card, be sure to grab one of these. [Thanks, Sarcia]

  • Nabaztag

    There are a lot of small, internet-ready devices that can help you stay in touch with others, keep you informed of messages, and report information from anywhere in the house. None of them, however, are as charming and helpful as Nabaztag ($140). With a wiggle of its ears, a different display of lights, or a simple voice, it can help you keep in touch with friends and with everyone else, even if they're halfway around the world.

  • Ring Thing

    If you've ever been a guest bartender at an event or a bar, you know how much of a beating your hands can take from opening bottle after bottle. The Ring Thing ($8) helps to alleviate this problem with it's simple stainless band design that features a cutout on the inside that serves as a bottle opener. Handy, and since the opening is on the inside, it's discreet as well.