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AKG K812 Headphones

Built with music professionals in mind, these AKG K812 Headphones aim to let you hear every detail of your music. It does so with a mix of industry-leading tech, including a 53 mm transducer — the largest AKG has ever built — the strongest magnet system on the market, and a copper-covered aluminum voice coil that extends frequency response beyond the limits of human hearing. Don't worry if all that's a bit over your head — all you need to know is these will be the most accurate headphones you've ever put on your head.

  • Nocs NS500 Earphones

    Apple's EarPods were a big step up from their old-school pack-in white earphones — but if you're looking for better-than-decent sound, you're going to want better buds. And these Nocs NS500 Earphones are a great choice. They boast CNC-machined, Chamfered-cut aluminum housings in iPhone- and iPad-matching black, silver, grey, or gold, as well as Kevlar-reinforced, tangle-free cables, three-button remotes with MEMS microphones, custom dynamic 8mm speakers with titanium coated diaphragms, and four different-sized ear tips included with each set, ensuring a comfortable, noise-blocking fit.

  • Audio-Technica M50X Headphones

    Just because you listen to your music on a pair of headphones, doesn't mean it has to sound dull, tinny, and flat — with the Audio-Technica M50X Headphones you can listen to your music as the artist intended. They feature 45-millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-covered aluminum coils for a wide frequency range across the spectrum including deep, precise bass. The ear cups are contoured for a natural fit, isolating you in even the loudest spaces, while also pivoting for one ear use and folding for when you need to take them with you.