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Autum Straight Jacket

Whether you're toting an iPad, 11-, or 13-inch MacBook Air, the Autum Straight Jacket ($133) can keep it protected. Limited to a first run of only 50 sleeves in each size, these simple, handmade sleeves are built from domestically tanned leather, and feature semi-rigid, padded construction, a suede interior to guard against scratches, and an open top for easy access. Great on their own, or as a sleek and minimalistic compliment to any bag or briefcase.

  • Layer x Layer Bags

    Carry your goods in style with Layer x Layer Bags ($45-$190). Available in tote, backpack, and wayfarer styles, the bags are made from USA-sourced denim and boast details like stainless steel hardware, beeswax-dipped edges to prevent fraying, versatile rope systems, and detachable pockets. All you need to do is decide what to put inside.

    Our thanks to Gillette for sponsoring this month's travel gear articles.

  • Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack

    Designed with a military aesthetic in mind, the Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack ($375) mixes modern materials with utilitarian functionality. The exterior is made from 25 ounce felt, with black cowhide straps, bottom reinforcement, and custom die-cast hardware, while the interior features a grey cotton twill lining and multiple pockets with divider, which complement the organizing pockets found on the exterior. Adjustable backpack straps and a top handle round out the offer, which comes in a cool blue or army-like green.