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Awair Glow Smart Outlet

For something you use literally all day every day, the air you breathe is as important as anything else you ingest. The Awair Glow Smart Outlet lets you keep tabs on it while providing several other benefits. For starters, it serves as a stylish night light, and also has a pass-through outlet that allows devices like your air conditioner, humidifier, or fan to come on automatically once the air quality drops. It also lets you see stats for temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, airborne chemicals, and dust, and compiles them all into a simple to understand air quality score with recommendations for how to improve it.

  • Awesomatic Photo Booth

    Photos aren't just a way to capture a moment — they can also be a great way to liven up a party. The Awesomatic Photo Booth is an ideal way to do both. Available for rent, this gadget combines a quality camera, strobe flash, a touchscreen monitor, and a printer all in a single unit. The rental includes four hours of booth operation, unlimited 4x6 prints, digital copies of every photo it takes, an attendant to help fix any issues, and a backdrop. A far better investment than hiring your friend's cousin who moonlights as a "DJ".

  • Wipebook Pro

    Coders, managers, illustrators — whatever your job, odds are you've had to deal with a whiteboard before. Now you can carry one with you with the Wipebook Pro. This notebook holds 20 writeable pages that work just like a normal whiteboard, letting you write, erase, and re-write countless times. Brass binding lets it lay flat, cow-friendly faux leather front and rear covers help when it's time to digitize a page, and unlike the board at work, you can take it home without ever having to worry about an overzealous janitor "cleaning" away your valuable notes.

    Presented by Wipebook.