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Blue Bottle x Timbuk2 Sabbatical Travel Kit

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you can't have a great cup of coffee every morning. The Blue Bottle x Timbuk2 Sabbatical Travel Kit packs everything you need to brew terrific coffee in a single, stylish bag. Included in the kit are a Hario drip scale, a TSUKI-USAGI kettle, a Porlex Mini hand grinder, a Blue Bottle travel dripper, a 2 oz. sample of Blue Bottle beans, two Falcon enamelware tumblers paired with two snap-on felt covers, and a pack of #1 filters. It all arrives in a custom Timbuk2 bag, which has an exterior of gray waxed canvas and black leather with a soft liner providing padding and protection for all its contents.

  • Rimowa Topas Copper Luggage

    Distinctly colored luggage is one of the easiest ways to ensure a smooth baggage claim experience. The Rimowa Topas Copper Luggage certainly qualifies, while doing a fine job of protecting your belongings. They utilize the company's Multiwheel system to make navigating any terrain a breeze, have integrated, TSA-approved combination locks, holders for extra bags, and extendable, telescoping handles. Made in Canada from an aluminum magnesium alloy, the copper finish suitcases are available available exclusively at Bloomingdale's in cabin-sized, 26", 29", and 32" varieties.

  • AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

    Traveling is a big enough hassle without having to worry about your bags. Alleviate those concerns with the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. Designed for use on checked baggage but good for a multitude of other things, this rope-based lock uses Bluetooth to let you lock and unlock it with nothing but an app. You can set a backup unlock code for times when you don't have your device around, set alerts that will buzz you should you and your bag become separated, and use crowdsourced GPS networks to show the lock — and therefore your bag's — last known location should it not arrive on time. TSA-compliant, it will also tell you if the TSA opened your bag during your trip.