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Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas

Do you live in fear of poking your eyes out with the sharp ends of your umbrella? Release your fears with Blunt Umbrellas ($75-$85). Available in standard and two-person XL sizes, these unique umbrellas feature a low profile, tensioned canopy for easier control in the wind, a push-pull runner for easy opening, and blunt tips to evenly distribute the outward force along the edge of the canopy. Next up? Tackling your fear of scissors.

  • Coal Headwear

    You know the trouble with hats? It seems like all the cool ones come in a style that doesn't quite suit you. That shouldn't be a problem with Coal Headwear ($40-$60). Running the gamut from a short-brimmed baseball cap to a full-on fedora, these stylish bald spot covers are made from quality materials, and come in patterns that won't leave you feeling like you're wearing the top of someone else's head.

  • Patagonia Travel Belt

    Keep an emergency stash of cash, checks, or other goodies on your person with the Patagonia Travel Belt ($30). This simple nylon belt doubles as an emergency lash strap, and features a hidden interior zippered pocket, a forged, anodized aluminum buckle, and an unassuming black or gray exterior. The only downside? You'll likely still have to take it off at the TSA screening booth due to the metal buckle — but it's a small price to pay for safety, right? Right?