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Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer

Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer

Sure, you can try and sneak liquor into the next ballgame or concert in a flask, but with security getting consistently more interested in what you might have hidden in your coat or jacket, perhaps using the Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer ($13) would be a bit more effective. This spandex anklet fits up to six mini-sized liquor bottles, letting you discretely carry not just a bit of hooch but an actual selection around underneath your jeans or pants.

  • Fresh Traveler

    There's a reason that yogurt parfaits and cereal are popular morning time items at coffee shops and cafés — they're basically impossible to pack with you. Unless, of course, you're rocking a Fresh Traveler ($45). Designed by Arian Brekveld, this double-walled stainless steel bottle keeps your yogurt or drink cold, while a screw-on bottom plastic container keeps your food crispy until you're ready to eat. Probably also handy for mixed drinks, or small batches of Quickrete. [Thanks, Lihi]

  • Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera

    If you're a big fan of vintage photography, you're not going to get much more retro than the Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera ($210). Developed in collaboration with The Impossible Project and limited to just 50 units, these hand-refurbished Land Cams feature a white and black body with a seventies-licious rainbow running from the lens to the output slot, a simple black strap, and come with two boxes of B&W/sepia PX 100 film. The perfect real-world compliment to all those grainy, processed iPhone pics you've been snapping.


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