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Bose SoundLink

Bose SoundLink

Listen to your iTunes, Pandora, or any other computer-based audio source anywhere in your home with the Bose SoundLink ($550; August 27). The SoundLink connects to your computer using a USB dongle, which then streams any audio you like to a powerful and compact portable speaker. A rechargeable battery keeps the music playing away from outlets, and thanks to the included remote control, you can skip tracks or pause the music without making a trip back to the computer.

  • Livio Radio

    Stream endless music from Pandora anywhere in your home with the Livio Radio ($150). Featuring both built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet, the Livio is designed specifically to access your Pandora Internet Radio account, with dedicated thumbs up/thumbs down buttons for rating your music. Apart from the totally-free Pandora service, the Livio also features an auxiliary input for connecting other audio sources and an included remote control. [Thanks, JC]

  • Klipsch HD Theater Systems

    Looking for big home theater sound on a small budget? Check out the line of Klipsch HD Theater Systems. Available in 300 ($400), 500 ($600) or 1000 ($1,000) varieties, these HD Theater systems come complete with five same-size satellite speakers featuring Klipsch's legendary horn-loaded technology for crystal clear sound, included adjustable wall brackets for easy installation, and a powered subwoofer to give your movies and games the extra "umph" they've been missing — all without breaking the bank.