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Burton F-Stop Pack

Sure, Burton's best known for their snowboarding gear, but that doesn't mean they can't use their wisdom for other things... like photography. The Burton F-Stop Pack ($225) was developed with help from the company's team of pro photographers, so it includes essential features like padded compartments for bodies, lenses, and the like, a removable storage pocket for smaller items, a load-balance waist harness to keep all that stuff from breaking your back on a long haul, a side-access cooler pocket, and external straps for attaching and carrying a tripod, or, if you're more adventurous, a board.

  • Autum Straight Jacket

    Whether you're toting an iPad, 11-, or 13-inch MacBook Air, the Autum Straight Jacket ($133) can keep it protected. Limited to a first run of only 50 sleeves in each size, these simple, handmade sleeves are built from domestically tanned leather, and feature semi-rigid, padded construction, a suede interior to guard against scratches, and an open top for easy access. Great on their own, or as a sleek and minimalistic compliment to any bag or briefcase.

  • Nau Fluent Stash

    Store and tote your gadgets, notebooks, and other goods in style inside the Nau Fluent Stash ($80). This origami-inspired satchel features a four-way fold-out design, with multiple inner pockets, including a zippered pouch for cords, cables, and headphones, snap closures for the side pockets, and an aluminum buckle.