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Carr Amplifiers

Have a classic, custom, or otherwise high-end guitar that needs an equally-awesome amp to go with it? Look no further than Carr Amplifiers ($1,150-$3,350). Built by actual guitarists in a small shop in North Carolina, these versatile amps are instruments unto themselves, ready to take your sound from solid to signature while their off-beat, unique designs do the same for your stage setups. Plug in, jam out, and enjoy.

  • Cobra PhoneTag

    It seems simple enough: using your smartphone to keep track of valuable nearby items like your laptop bag or car keys. So why is no one's done it before? The Cobra PhoneTag ($60) does exactly that, using a Bluetooth connection between the included dongle and your iPhone, Android device, or BlackBerry to let you know if your tagged item has left the vicinity. It immediately sends you an email or text message with GPS coordinates when it happens, and works the other way around, too, letting you "ring" your smartphone from the PhoneTag. Just don't place your phone in the bag that's got the PhoneTag on it, or you'll be completely screwed.

  • Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear

    Find yourself in watching 3D movies at the theater way more than you care to admit? Might as well spring for some Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear ($120). Billed as "the world's first optically corecct 3D glasses," these semi-shades use Oakley's proprietary HDO-3D technology to virtually eliminate crosstalk and distortion, and offer compatibility with RealD, which is most likely what they're using at your local theater. Oh, and they'll also keep you from looking like a complete dork while you're busy stuffing your face with popcorn and jujubes.


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