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Castle Brook Paralaces

The most rugged boots around won't do you much good in the wilderness if your laces can't hold up to the abuse. With Castle Brook Paralaces ($6-$8), that won't be an issue. These hand-crafted bootlaces claim to the toughest available, thanks to seven-strand construction with 550 lb-tested Nylon Kernmantle rope, aglets made from polyolefin plastics that literally bind and mesh with the nylon fibers underneath, becoming one with the lace, and a lifetime guarantee. Try finding one of those for the laces that came with your shoes.

  • Wedgewood Rings

    We've seen plenty of titanium rings, and even a few made out of wood — but none that have mixed the two as artfully as these Wedgewood Rings ($200-$400). Made by hand in Milwaukee, these rings use a wide range of natural woods that have been carefully selected specifically for making rings. Every piece is either recycled or purchased from an eco-conscious seller, and is paired with hand-polished titanium, then given multiple coats of clear finish to ensure the ring looks great for years to come.

  • Keyper

    Make scratched phone screens and unsightly key bulges a thing of the past with the Keyper ($30). This clever accessory keeps up to four keys perfectly organized in a stylish leather pouch. In addition to the four individually stitched key slots, the Keyper also includes four color-coded tabs that make it easy to slide the keys in and out of their slots while also allowing for quick, easy identification. Shipping in July.