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Crosley Revolution

Crosley Revolution

Despite the company's reputation for nostalgic, grandparent-friendly designs, the Crosley Revolution ($150) isn't a wooden turntable with looks from the middle of last century. Far from it, in fact: the Revolution is a novel new turntable that leaves most of the record exposed thanks to a compact, sleek design. Able to be powered by batteries, the Revolution is highly portable, and features a rubberized finish, two speeds, a USB port for analog-to-digital conversion, dual headphone jacks, built-in stereo speakers, and a carrying case. [Thanks, Walter]

  • Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Resting squarely in the realm of the ridiculous and yet too sexy to ignore, Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers ($500) ooze style with the same ease with which they produce sound. The white glazed ceramic speaker cones rest atop simple, understated Baltic birch plywood stands, and connect to a delightfully industrial stainless steel sheet metal amplifier, which sits atop a black cast iron base. Perfect for pairing with an aluminum laptop, iMac, or similarly minimal turntable.

  • Q Speakers

    Handcrafted in New Zealand using woods sourced from sustainable forests and toxin-free MDF, Q Speakers ($TBA) are as easy on the environment as they are on your eyes and ears. These minimalistic speakers are powered by Class D amplifiers for less energy waste, and mount the mid-high speakers on the underside of the cabinet, reflecting the sound off the metal base for 360-degree sound coverage.