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Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Suitcase

That's one way to keep the TSA from rifling through your stuff. Made from durable custom polycarbonate, the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Suitcase lets anyone see what's inside. It also has a built-in TSA lock, just incase, four smooth glide wheels to traverse the terminal with ease, straps to both help compress your clothes and take stress of the external zipper, 70 liters of internal volume, and fabric straps that make it comfortable to carry.

  • Louis Vuitton Portable Whiskey Bar

    If you're serious about whiskey, but often find yourself beyond the reach of your personal collection, this Louis Vuitton Portable Whiskey Bar promises to make you feel right at home, no matter how far away you are. Built in the 1980's, this special-order travelling bar is in excellent condition, showing little to no signs of wear. The exterior is lined in Epi leather, with gold-plated studs, latches, lock, and original key. Inside, it's lined in deep green alcantara and grained leather, fitted with a heavy glass silver-mounted whiskey carafe, four whiskey beakers, and a Thermos-lined ice bucket. Way more than you'll ever need to class up any travel destination.

  • Raden A50 Luggage Set

    Combining Bluetooth technology and flexed strength materials, the Raden A50 Luggage Set is giving smart luggage both brains and brawn. Proximity sensors sync to an iOS app to help keep track of your bag, while an ergonomic carry handle acts as a scale to save you from overweight fees. An integrated battery has enough juice to fully charge your phone up to four times. The sleek Makrolon Polycarbonate shell lets you travel light, while also being durable enough to hold up to any airport abuse. The set includes two sizes and is available in eight different colors, ranging from matte black to light pink.

    Presented by Raden.