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DIY Music Box Kit

DIY Music Box Kit

Not satisfied with the lame songs available in music boxes? Make your own using the DIY Music Box Kit ($16). It includes blank music paper, a hole punch, the player, and detailed instructions on how to punch the sheets so it'll play your (or the recipient's) favorite tune.

  • Market Maven

    If you need your stock information available at all times, take a look at the Market Maven ($125). This wireless, magnetic device continuously updates throughout the day with the latest stock information, and displays a summary of the day's market activity at night. It comes out of the box ready to monitor the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500, but you can customize it to display information that pertains to your stocks or other pieces of your investment portfolio.

  • Facebank

    You know the phrase "feeding change"? Well, it gets taken to a whole new extreme with the Facebank ($29). This mildy-creepy electronic bank features a face on the front that opens up to "eat" your change, and holds around 30 quarters.