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Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum

Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum

Dyson's vacuums have earned nearly unanimous praise for their floor-cleaning prowess, but we were surprised to find that they make a model with a specific group in mind: Pet owners. The Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum ($550) features the Root Cyclone constant suction system, automatic carpet height adjustment, a wand attachment that releases and expands up to 17 feet, and the unique advanced turbine head that cleans pet hair from confined spaces with all the fury that it uses to handle your floors. You can officially say goodbye to that cat hair-covered couch.

  • Thingamagoop

    It's not every day that we get to write a story about an electronic monster, and even less so that the monster is useful. The Thingamagoop ($100) is a physical synth made into a monster who's sole purpose is to make bleeps, bloops, and flash its lights. It features all the trappings of a normal analog synth, although the main oscillator is controlled by a photocell. Also, the Thingamagoop has a 1/4inch ouput jack to hook it up to any other equipment you might have. [via]

  • American Express Gold Butterfly Card

    Credit cards are a necessary evil of life these days, so if you're going to carry one, you might as well make it as stylish as possible. The new American Express Gold Butterfly Card (free with Gold Card membership) is a companion card to your current Gold Card that folds into a tiny case with a clip on the back. The Butterfly card will have a different number than the Gold Card account it's linked to, but all the charges end up on the linked account — the Butterfly has a unique number so that you can more easily track purchases made with it. If you have an American Express Gold Card, be sure to grab one of these. [Thanks, Sarcia]