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Evolve Epoch-3 Golf Tee

Evolve Epoch-3 Golf Tee

Yes, we said golf tee. Apart from the crazy tees that look like small rockets, golf tees haven’t changed a lot in the last 80 years. That’s why we were very surprised when we heard about a new tee that was popping up on tour — the Evolve Epoch-3 ($5 for 15). The tee’s unique design reduces tee to ball contact by over 93% compared to traditional wood tees, which helps add distance and accuracy and reduce side spin. Good stuff — now we just need it to stay warm for a few more weeks of teeing it up. [via bookofjoe]

  • MBS Comp 16 Mountainboard

    Anyone can go skiing, but not just everyone can go flying down the side of a hill with nothing between them and hard rocks and dirt but a mountainboard. Outfitted with eight-inch tires and F3 bindings to hold your feet to the board, the Comp 16 Mountainboard from MBS ($470) can bring you down the hill in a hurry. It’s probably not as fast as just jumping off the side of the mountain, but it is more fun.

  • The Bench Warmer

    Football season is fast approaching, and with it comes the prospect of freezing your buns off at a late November game. Not to fear, just send in The Bench Warmer ($70). With rechargeable batteries, soft, comfy foam, and up to 115 degrees of warmth, The Bench Warmer will help you stay warm during those triple overtime thrillers in the snow.