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Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for iPhone

Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for iPhone

Prepare yourself for the arrival of Final Fantasy XIIIpre-orders still available — by spending some quality time with Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for the iPhone and iPod touch ($9/each). Significantly updated from their 8-bit NES counterparts, these new versions boast fully touch-happy interfaces, vastly upgraded graphics, and yet all the dungeon crawling, spell-casting, chocobo-riding fun of the originals. Just be careful where you play them — nothing screams "dork" quite like yelling in glee after a fierce battle while waiting in line outside the strip club.

  • Evernote

    The ever-accelerating pace of modern life makes remembering everything we want a real challenge, especially when those things range from the real to the virtual. Evernote is here to solve that problem, letting you capture nearly anything you want — including text and voice memos, web pages, photos (with text recognition!), documents, and more — and then automagically processing and indexing it all, adding it to a personal database that can be searched and accessed from nearly anywhere, including from your iPhone, Android phone, or BlackBerry, as well as any Mac, PC, or other web-enabled device. If you find yourself exhausting the upload limit on your free account, you can step up to a $5/month premium membership for 500MB/month of uploads, ad-free usage, SSL security, the ability to search within PDFs, priority image recognition, and more.

  • Star Wars: Trench Run

    Relive the epic final battle of A New Hope with Star Wars: Trench Run ($5). In this just-released game for the iPhone and iPod touch, you play as a Rebel Alliance Red Squadron pilot and attempt to work your way past the Death Star's outer defenses, all the way and into the trenches for a final run at firing your proton torpedoes into the battle station's exposed exhaust port, all while dodging oncoming cannon fire and Vader's advances. May the Force be with you.