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Flashlight Friends

Flashlight Friends

Come over here and hold this flashlight for me. Shine it right here. Right here. On this thing. No, shine it right HERE. Whether you were the one holding the flashlight or the one needing the light, chances are you've been involved in the above situation too many times in your life. These Flashlight Friends ($7-$13) will come to the rescue whenever you need a helping hand with a flashlight. They come packin' a Maglite and their legs rotate 360 degrees and lock into 10 positions.

  • Stanley Tripod Flashlight

    This clever flashlight has foldable tripod legs and a multi-position head so you can use it as a stationary spotlight or as a normal handheld flashlight. The Stanley Tripod LED Flashlight ($35) has six bright-white LED bulbs, a low-power indicator light so you know when the batteries need to be replaced, and a four position switch to control the amount of light.

  • OpenX

    If you tend buy a lot of gadgets like us, this thing will be the single most useful product we'll ever bring before you. Everyone hates plastic blister packs. They're completely impossible to open without first making a deal with the devil, not to mention horribly dangerous — we've cut ourselves worse opening up memory cards than than that night we decided to take up drunk knife juggling as a hobby. And if you somehow avoid lacerating your finger to the bone, then you're more than likely going to accidently puncture the product inside. Well, the OpenX ($5) makes all of that go away. It lets you easily open the evil packages with its "push and slide" motion, and also works on packages, envelopes and boxes.