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FlipSticks Folding Chopsticks

FlipSticks Folding Chopsticks

If you're wanting to enjoy some sushi out on the trail, but still need pack minimally, you'll want to order a pair of FlipSticks ($22). The world's first set of bamboo folding chopsticks, they're perfect for hiking or camping with some class.

  • Alu Sled

    The Alu Sled ($610) will save your ass, literally. Sporting a lightweight aluminum frame, this high-tech sled features an ergonomically designed polycarbonate seat, polyethylene runners, and a strategically placed shock absorber to keep you (and your back and bottom) from getting jarred all the way down the hill. The Alu also has a claw hand brake and folds up for easy toting.

  • Peak Sled

    Traverse the hillside in style this winter on the Peak Sled ($300). Crafted from ash wood, this modern German-made sled is designed for both performance on the slopes and for display back at the lodge. Other features include brown polypropylene seat webbing, metal runners, and a wood handle on the tow rope for added mobility after the ride. Not recommended for use with any non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant.


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