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FPS Vest

FPS Vest

The simple force-feedback of your controller not real enough for you? The FPS Vest ($169) lets you take your first-person shooter experience to the next level with eight active zones that simulate the direction and forces of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and finger taps as they occur in the game. It comes with two PC games designed to show off the vest, letting you jump right into the action.
[Thanks, Jeremy]

  • Nyko Wireless Wii Nunchuck

    Eliminate the last of the chords from your Wii experience with the Nyko Wireless Wii Nunchuck ($30; Q1 2008). The unit comes with a dongle that attaches to the Wii remote, and a wireless nunchuck that offers full accelerometer support and is powered by two AA batteries — good for 30 hours of playtime. Plus, you get the added benefit of a heavier nunchuck, which is sure to help those boxing skills.

  • The Gamerator

    Finally, someone combined an arcade-style gaming machine with the frosty goodness of a kegerator to create a gaming-and-boozing powerhouse. The Gamerator ($4000; pre-order) includes a Windows XP machine pre-loaded with more than 150 licensed classic arcade games, as well as a free one-year GameTap gold membership, providing online access to more than 1000 games. The refrigerated interior holds a standard "pony" keg chilled to 38 degrees, and a professional tap on the front offers easy access. A 26-inch HDTV completes the package.