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Add some fright to your iPhone pics with GhostCam ($1). Able to take pics directly from the iPhone's camera or load up pics from the iPhone or iPod touch's Library, this simple app adds Unsolved Mysteries-style ghostly flourishes to your photos. For maximum effect, take a pic of a drunk friend and freak them out with the result.

  • Ego

    Checking web statistics can be fun, but trying to keep track of them all can be tedious and time consuming. Ego ($2) provides up-to-the-second stats from all of your favorite web services and social sites, including Twitter, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, and your own website, showing subscription totals and changes in hourly, daily, or monthly formats. Even better, Ego supports custom labels and multiple sources for each widget. Keeping track of your online identities and websites has never been so easy. Let the ego-stroking begin.

  • MLB at Bat

    The boys of summer are about to step up to bat, and you'll be able to follow every play anywhere you go with the At Bat 2009 iPhone app ($10). The app tracks the type, speed, and location of every pitch. You can choose live, streaming audio from either the home or visiting team, or watch video of best plays seconds after they happen. The app also provides game and standings updates as they happen. Best of all, the app automatically detects your connection speed and scales its streaming speed to deliver the best video for your situation.