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Golf Launchpad

Golf Launchpad

Keeping your golf game sharp during the winter months can be easier said than done, at least in colder areas. Now with the Golf Launchpad USB Golf Simulator ($250), you can get in practice on matter where you live. The USB accessory hooks into Tiger Woods PGA Tour from EA Sports, allowing you to play on some of the world's best courses with your own clubs. It works with PCs or Mac (a PS2 adapter is also available), but unfortunately doesn't guarantee to fix your slice in time for Spring. [Thanks, Larry]

  • Starbury

    Sick of seeing kids being forced to pay $150 for superstar-endorsed basketball shoes, Stephon Marbury has launched the new Starbury line of affordable gear. The line consists of almost 50 items in various colors, including Marbury's Starbury One game shoes ($15), casual sneakers ($10), jackets ($10), hoodies ($10), jerseys ($10), and pants and shorts ($10). Everything is available exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores nationwide.

  • Everlast Boxing Gear

    Boxing is a great a way to get in shape and work out some office stress. But nobody wants to go to the trouble of mounting a punching bag. Enter the Everlast Freestanding Heavy Bag ($85). With its heavy base, spring-action bag, and adjustable height, the bag can be easily set up and used just about anywhere. It's covered in Nevatear, a new leather-like, vinyl material that will outlast you. And don't forget to order the Rocky-style Stars and Stripes boxing trunks ($50) and Everlast Professional Fight Gloves ($80) and Hand Wraps ($10).