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Grovemade iPhone 6 Cases

As you prepare to swap out your current phone for the new iPhone 6, it's time to find the best case to protect that new investment. Grovemade's iPhone 6 Cases should be in the running, as each one features a hand stained all natural wood exterior. Go minimal with a bumper or more functional with a premium vegetable-tanned leather cover, or simply an all-wood case, each available in either Walnut or Maple. Their thinnest and most durable cases to date are handmade with care on-site in Portland, Oregon and are ready to meet your new iPhone.

Presented by Grovemade.

  • Prong PWR Case

    If there's one thing our iPhones really, really need — besides a decent signal or Wi-Fi — it's power. As a result, there are tons of battery cases out there, but they all share a common problem: they still need a separate charger. Enter the Prong PWR Case. This multi-function case features a detachable battery good for one complete recharge, plus integrated charging prongs built into the back, so you never need to worry about a charger. And in the event that you've run your phone and the battery dead yet still need to use your phone, there's a backup Micro USB port so you can charge and talk at the same time.

  • Automatic

    The check engine light — that enigmatic indicator that can signal anything from a loose gas cap or old spark plugs, to a worn out catalytic converter or an empty windshield fluid reservoir — is hardly an effective way of remaining in-tune with your car. But with Automatic you can finally decode that uninformative light, letting you know what kind of help your car needs and potentially saving a trip to the mechanic. And that's not all it does: helping improve your car's fuel economy, alerting emergency response in case of a crash, and automatically remembering where you parked are just a few incredibly-useful features. Add in that its beautifully-designed iOS and Android apps are constantly updated with new functionality, and you get the partner your car always needed.

    Presented by Automatic.


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