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Halo Belt

Sure, bike reflectors can help you stay visible — as long as you're actually on your bike. Only the Halo Belt ($75) can keep you visible even if you fall off. This multipurpose, LED-laden accessory emits its light though a custom designed thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optic, which gives it an awesome Tron-style look while allowing it to be worn as a standard belt, over the shoulder, or flung wildly at a narcotic-fueled rave.

  • Vice Holster

    Finally, a perfect accessory for the health-risking urban cowboy. Handcrafted from top-grain leather, the Vice Holster ($145) is designed for over-both-shoulders wear, giving you easily-concealed and quickly-accessible storage for both a flask and a pack of smokes — everything a man needs to survive a long cattle drive, or simply a long night of party hopping.

  • Cotton Treats Reversible Bow Ties

    If — and it's a fairly big if — you're a person who often skips the traditional tie for the bowed variety, you'll likely enjoy these Cotton Treats Reversible Bow Ties ($32). Made from a cotton/polyester blend, these self-tied bow ties are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, each featuring a complimentary design on the opposite side, which you can let show through in the knot, or keep hidden for reusability purposes — like those times when you're heading to work straight from somewhere other than home and don't want to look like you're wearing the exact same thing.


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