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Ever wish there was a "Hate" equivalent to the "Like" button on Facebook? Now there is one. Hater (Free) is a new service that lets you share your hate with the world. Features include a built-in Hater camera, rant-writing capabilities, the ability to share Hates anonymously under an Alter Ego, the ability to instantly share your Hates via Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to browse through the most popular hates. Just consider putting a passcode on your phone if you download it — a list of the things you hate *cough* mustard *cough* could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

  • Haze

    Just because an app sports a clean interface doesn't mean it can't offer a lot of depth. Haze ($1) is a deceptively simple, gesture-driven weather app that uses colors and animation to give you an at-a-glance look at the weather. While it's easy to see the current temperature and warming/cooling trends, a few swipes can reveal a wealth of information, including a five-day forecast, sunrise and sunset times, cloud coverage, high and low temperatures for the day, windchill, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation chances and amounts, humidity levels, and even atmospheric pressure. All from an app that only displays a single number at startup — not too shabby. [Scouted by Freddy]

  • Mailbox

    If you've ever heard of Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero concept, then you know you can boost productivity by focusing only on the emails that matter. Mailbox ($Free) is designed to do exactly that. It features a simple, gesture-powered interface that quickly lets you archive or delete mail, or "snooze" it until later so you focus on more important messages — they'll return to your inbox later. In addition, it organizes conversations into a chat-like structure, making it more easy to follow long threads. It's available now for the iPhone and works with all Gmail accounts, but you'd best be prepared to wait a while before you get to use it — last time we heard there was quite a line.