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HP Powerup Backpack

No, Hewlett Packard isn't known for its bags. Yet if you carry a lot of gadgets, you'll be happy for the HP Powerup Backpack. This nondescript gray canvas carry-all has a 22,400 mAh battery inside, enough to charge most laptops, or can charge either a tablet up to three times or a phone up to 10 times. Recharging is made easy with a dedicated side-pocket plug, and a built-in heat sensor will tone down the amps as necessary to make sure you nor your gear gets too hot.

  • Topo Designs x Uncrate Rover Pack

    Expanding on our latest series of limited edition collaborations, the Topo Designs x Uncrate Rover Pack uses our signature American bison leather as a base for Topo's nearly indestructible Ballistic Cordura fabric construction. This versatile bag holds around 16L of gear, a perfect size for most uses, and has a pack cloth liner and inner sleeve for your laptop. Zippered front and top pockets hold smaller loose items, the side pockets are ideal for water bottles, and the combination drawstring and fold-top closure keeps your most important stuff safe from splashes and showers. Handmade in Colorado.

  • Troubadour Day Bag

    A great bag is a great investment. And a bag from Troubadour is an even better purchase. Armed with a lifetime guarantee, the Troubadour Day Bag is made using 100% natural, vegetable-tanned italian leather with rolled leather handles and a tough shoulder strap. The well-polished, long-tail zipper is cut from brass and provides a wide opening for easy access to whatever you stow inside. And even the internal pockets are made with leather and suede detailing, rounding out a great looking bag that's appeal will only increase over time.