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Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack

Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack

Designed with a military aesthetic in mind, the Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack ($375) mixes modern materials with utilitarian functionality. The exterior is made from 25 ounce felt, with black cowhide straps, bottom reinforcement, and custom die-cast hardware, while the interior features a grey cotton twill lining and multiple pockets with divider, which complement the organizing pockets found on the exterior. Adjustable backpack straps and a top handle round out the offer, which comes in a cool blue or army-like green.

  • Selvedge Sleeves

    Believe it or not, selvedge denim really is good for something other than making overpriced jeans. From the makers of Mocc Socks come Selvedge Sleeves ($28-$65), handy holders for your everyday goods — including your Field Notes, iPhone, iPad, passport, and sunglasses — made from 13.5 oz raw selvedge denim that will age uniquely and gracefully, which is more than we can say for that cheap silicone case you've been using. Oh, and you can drop our name at the door by entering UNCRATE20 at checkout and score 20% off through Dec 15th.

  • Jack Spade Mill Leather Wayne Duffle

    Get your self prepared for a short-notice winter getaway by stuffing some clothes and cash into a Jack Spade Mill Leather Wayne Duffle ($400). This generously-sized bag features interior and exterior pockets for organization, an interior zipper pocket for smaller items, a removable shoulder strap and top loop handles, herringbone lining, custom die-cast hardware, and soft leather construction that only looks better over time.