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Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

How long will the light bulbs in your favorite lamp last? One year? Two? How about thirty-seven? The Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light (£550; roughly $860) is designed to allow ultimate durability — thanks to advanced thermal management — and ultimate flexibility, thanks to a unique mounting system that lets you move the light source up or down and closer or farther away, guaranteeing that the light is right where you want it.

  • Kaws Light Bulbs

    Light up your home bar, lounge, or den with Kaws Light Bulbs ($65). Each set of three bulbs includes a red, purple, and green bulb, each with "xx" filaments inside for a nice warm low glow. Able to fit any standard incandescent fixture, these are one set of bulbs you won't want to cover up with a lampshade. [Thanks, Kyle]

  • Plumen Light Bulbs

    Who said bulbs had to be boring? Inspired by a bird's decorative feather, or plume, Plumen Light Bulbs (£20; roughly $31) turn convention on its head by making the bulb something you'll actually want to look at, instead of something to hide behind a shade. The bulbs work like any other low-energy bulb, saving up to 80% on your energy bill while lasting eight times longer than a butt-ugly incandescent. Brilliant.


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