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Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Like the company's earlier Personal Cooking System, the Jetboil Flash Cooking System ($100) joins an insulated canister/cooking cup with an adjustable-flame burner to provide hot single-serving meals no matter where you might be. Features include a thermochromic temperature indicator that's integrated into the three side stripes to show you when the contents are hot, a translucent measuring cup that attaches to the bottom when not in use, a piezo igniter, and more.

  • George Lawrence Creels

    Fly fishing is about as old-school a fishing experience as you can find, so why not match the timelessness of the activity with some vintage gear? George Lawrence Creels ($1,800-$2,500) are the perfect way to do so while keeping your bounty safe at your side. Offering traditional, artisan-level craftsmanship and materials, these utilitarian designs look as good now as they did 70 years ago when they were built.

  • Field Chair

    Take stylish seating with you wherever you go with the Field Chair ($65). Lightweight and foldable, it boasts sturdy, tripod-style wooden legs, a comfortable triangular leather seat that will earn itself a natural patina with repeated use, brass hardware, and an integrated shoulder strap to make transport as easy as possible. Perfect for the ballfield, camping, or anywhere else you might find yourself without a seat.