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Klein Leather Tool Bag

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been making American gems like this Klein Leather Tool Bag. Made entirely of thick, tanned leather, this rugged, pocketless bag sports a large compartment for gear, reinforced ends, a double-ply base with steel studs, and triple-riveted rolled loop handles. Use it to tote your hand tools for the next 50 years or just use it to store your magazines in the living room.

  • Fisher Blacksmithing Garden Tools

    Handcrafted in America by experienced craftsman Tuli Fisher, these Fisher Blacksmithing Garden Tools ($52) are part hand tool, part work of art. Whether you're into working in the earth, or just admire a well-made tool, they're definitely worth a look. From the rivets, to the dark-stained wooden handles, to the imperfectly hand-forged metal, these tools are a treasure to behold and work with. The line includes hoes, trowels, rakes, and more — everything you need to get a small garden going.

  • Vipukirves Axes

    Nothing quite says summer like a campfire in your backyard, but chopping wood, while satisfying, can be a laborious pain. The uniquely-designed Vipukirves Axes ($255) use leverage to separate sections of wood from the rest of the log, giving you perfectly-chopped pieces of firewood with less effort. The design also allows you to avoid getting the axe lodged in the log, so you can get the job done more quickly. A precision-cast blade and birch wood handle mean this tool is made to last, so you won't have to go back to a traditional axe and sledge any time soon.