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Klipsch Heritage Speakers

Klipsch Heritage Speakers

Get legendary Klipsch sound in a package that would have looked just fine in your Dad's bachelor pad with Klipsch Heritage Speakers ($800-$4,000). Featuring the Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker with 15-inch woofer, the Klipschorn-packing La Scala II Floorstanding model, and the complementary Cornwall III and Heresy III speakers, originally designed to serve as center channels for the larger, more robust Klipschorn and La Scala II, its got everything you need to give your home theater concert-worthy sound.

  • Muji CD Player

    Many of our favorite childhood toys relied on a pull-string start, which might explain why we're digging the Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player ($180). This compact all-in-one faces the CD outward making for an intriguing display, and also packs speakers into its body, with volume and playback controls mounted on top, and, of course, a pull-string power control. For a better idea of what we're talking about, just watch it in action. [Thanks, Stefan]

  • Livio Radio

    Stream endless music from Pandora anywhere in your home with the Livio Radio ($150). Featuring both built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet, the Livio is designed specifically to access your Pandora Internet Radio account, with dedicated thumbs up/thumbs down buttons for rating your music. Apart from the totally-free Pandora service, the Livio also features an auxiliary input for connecting other audio sources and an included remote control. [Thanks, JC]