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Koio Capri Sneakers

There are endless options when it comes to sneakers, but few are versatile enough to transition seamlessly from work to play. Constructed using the finest Italian Vitello calf leather and made by hand in Italy, Koio's Capri low-top sneakers look as good paired with your business casual attire as they do with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. All Koio shoes are crafted for comfort, lined with soft Italian calf leather, and the Capris are no exception. Constructed with lightweight, durable outsoles, these great-looking low-tops are available in in five different colors and are certain to become your new go-to sneaker.

Presented by Koio.

  • Peter Nappi Julius Boot Collection

    Available in a variety of finishes and hues, the Peter Nappi Julius Boot Collection should undoubtedly have something to suit your style. These heirloom-quality boots are designed in Nashville and crafted in Tuscany using premium leather that's meant to be lived in, gaining its own unique character over the years. From the hand sewn Goodyear and to the more casual Basso Sneaker, each pair is destined to become a favorite.

    Presented by Peter Nappi.

  • Adidas 3D Runner

    Adidas has been experimenting with 3D printing as a way of making shoes for a while. Only now can you actually buy a pair. Being released exclusively through Adidas Confirmed in New York, the Adidas 3D Runner is an all-black look at the future of footwear. It has an engineered 3D structure that's more dense in high-stress areas and less dense in others for optimal performance and weight, and is paired with a 3D printed heel counter integrated into the midsole and a black Primeknit upper. In the future, the company hopes to match the 3D structure to your own personal footprint, but until then, these will do nicely.