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Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

Get the comfort of a hammock with the protection of an off-ground tent in the Lawson Hammock Camping Tent ($149). This all-in-one shelter offers a mosquito net, rain cover, and tent-like construction, with spreader bars on both ends for a spacious bed that can hold one person plus all their gear. Lightweight and easy to setup, it's perfect for short solo trips into the wild.

  • Garmin Oregon

    Disappointed by the iPhone 3G's lack of turn-by-turn GPS? Supplement it with the new Garmin Oregon ($450; Fall 2008). The rugged, waterproof hand-held Oregon features a high-res 3-inch color touchscreen that allows you to tap or drag through maps and options. It also features a WAAS-enabled receiver that locates your position quickly even in deep cover. A MicroSD card slot for optional mapping and data storage rounds out the offering, ensuring that no matter where your travels take you, you'll be prepared.

  • EMT Paintball Sentry Turret

    Tired of the same ol' people v. people paintball games? Then step up the action with an EMT Paintball Sentry Turret ($1,400 and up). This Halo-worthy killer is capable of shooting 30 rounds per second, and can be operated from hundreds of feet away using a wireless remote controller with a LCD that shows live color feeds from the gun-mounted camera. If you want absolute protection for your team's base in your next game, this is as close as you're gonna get.


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